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Lunch Box 106: My shame


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Please tell me it looks Hawaiian I was cruising the 'net looking for sushi-type inspiration when I found a Hawaiian recipe I'd heard of before, and dismissed. But this time I was on some pretty drastic cold meads, and they robbed me of whatever common sense I had and caused me to go out, buy the stuff to make Spam musubi, and then cook it up. And, shockingly, I found that it's actually tasty. I guess those Hawaiians aren't as nuts as I thought!

Anyway, Spam musubi is fried Spam on a block of rice and wrapped sushi-style with nori. With it we have the blessed wholesomeness and normalcy of steamed broccoli and orange segments, and some jelly babies. Dr. Who fans know what those are!

(By the way, the very same day I brought this lunch, Spam musubi also appeared on "Cooking Cute," a bento blog with which this site isn't affiliated but which is quite worth visiting.)

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