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Lunch Box 107: Pancake balls


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Pancake balls This lunch included yakitori, an old favorite that I hadn't cooked in a while; stir-fried cabbage; baked steak fries; and some pancake balls. That last item was the result of takoyaki-pan-based inspiration: if you can cook octopus or shrimp in a batter ball, why not try the same with pancake mix and sweet red beans? So I did just that, and learned that pancake batter has many different properties from takoyaki batter, and tend to tear apart or scramble when you try to turn the balls. I got a fair number of Igors, which is my term for food items that were malformed during cooking but still taste fine. The ones shown in this pic are the best-looking ones of the lot. So, I'm not posting a recipe for those just yet. As with takoyaki, I want to get a better handle on the turning technique before trying to tell others how to do it.

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