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Lunch Box 117: Happy accident


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Almost too pretty to eat Have I mentioned that I like my new bento box? I have? Okay, just checking. By the way, less than a week after I got this in the mail, but before I had posted any of the pictures of it, the owner of Cooking Cute (an excellent bento blog) received one as a gift and started packing her lunches in it. First spam musubi, then omurice, then large amounts of fruit, and now this. This synchronicity thing is getting really weird.

On to the lunch! I was in the mood to do some real cooking after a long, lazy weekend, so I made a cornish game hen. (No recipe - I just followed the directions on the package, and added the basting and tinfoil bits that are on my turkey page.) And I cooked something I remember from my childhood but never made myself, asparagus. Despite this being my first try, it turned out just as I remembered it. And I also baked cafeteria rolls. Man, was I ever industrious. Man, did I ever have a lot of cookware to clean afterward.

The fruit salad is pretty, isn't it? Click on the picture for a close-up; it's worth it. That came about by accident. I'd mixed up some banana, apple, and grapes, and set aside a few strawberries (didn't want them to get mushed up in the mixing), and then I peeled a blood orange. At first I thought I had a dud, because even though the peel was red the fruit inside was orange. But when I had all the peel off I saw that the segments were orange on one end and purple on the other, as if someone had injected dye and then not mixed it in well enough. I couldn't just cut those neato-looking pieces up, so instead I made a fancy pattern with them and the strawberries on top of the ordinary ol' banana, grapes, and apple. Oh, and that's strawberry yogurt in a little dipping cup. I'd rather have used vanilla, but guess what the only flavor in my fridge was?

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