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Lunch Box 118: Red and green


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Rorscharch fruit I finally broke open a big, 10-serving pack of egg noodles I got a while back. I wasn't sure how they'd taste; like so many things, I bought it using the "this looks interesting and it's not too expensive" criteria. Well, they're pretty good! Mixed in with the noodles are shiitake mushrooms (made with part of the chirashi-zushi recipe), snow peas, kamaboko (fish cake), and yakisoba sauce.

Also we have the old faithful edamame and another fruit salad. This time around I mixed the fruit up with yogurt rather than having the yogurt on the side as a dip. I can't recommend the mix, as it makes the fruit hard to pick up, and the fruit juices dilute the yogurt. It was good right when I mixed it, but for lunch the next day it just seemed sloppy. Perhaps I'll put the yogurt in a container and mix it with the fruit right before I eat it. Nah, I'll probably just keep it as a dip.

And finally, that lumpy pink thing is an ichigo daifuku, which is a strawberry wrapped in anko wrapped in pink rice dough. They are delicious, but I must warn you: they contain a powerful neurotoxin which disrupts your short-term memory and causes you to forget what a pain in the neck they are to make. Cook them at your own risk!

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