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Lunch Box 121: Yellow patterns


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Snake in the grass I made another batch of omurice! This time I added some ketchup into the rice mix. (That was actually part of the original recipe, but I wasn't sure if I was going to like the tomato-y taste, so I left it out before.) For this meal I still used extra ketchup on top of the omurice, so I guess I'll add more next time I make the filling. Still, it makes the rice nice and pink. BTW, omurice has quickly become a favorite of mine. I can make up a bunch of them and have them for breakfast for the next few days!

On the other side is steamed broccoli, baked plantain, and asparagus, with which I've made a sort of snake-in-the-grass pattern. Dear me, am I betraying my own standards and getting artsy-fartsy? No! No, I haven't gone that far - I didn't put a face on the snake. Although, now that I think about it, that would have been easy to do by leaving the final segment a little bigger and using some nori strips... Um. Moving right along, there are some carrot strips, because carrots are good at filling up spare space, and, yep, ichigo daifuku. I made a lot of 'em.

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