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Lunch Box 124: Dim sum


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A little of this, a little of that I was in the mood to do a lot of cooking this weekend. There's pearl meatballs, some stir-fried asparagus and lotus root (I would have steamed it, but my steamer was occupied by rice-covered meatballs), a steamed white mountain bread bun, carrot sticks, and a fruit spring roll with ginger-chocolate dipping sauce made by mixing some crystallized ginger in with plain ol' chocolate syrup. I'd been looking for ways to use candied ginger, as I recently bought a bag, thinking that just because it said it was good for snacking, it would be good for snacking. Yeow! That stuff will take the lining off the inside of your mouth! But mix it into something else and it's safe.

The steamed white mountain bun was a whim. The last time I baked white mountain bread, I set aside a little bit before making the loaf, formed buns, and steamed them. I was surprised by just how soft and tasty they are. The next time you're baking white mountain bread, you might want to give it a try.

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