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Lunch Box 126: Springtime!


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Pun food What do you do when you have a chicken breast to cook up before it turns to the dark side, and you want to make something new with it? That was the question I pondered on the way home, and since I have a two-hour commute by bus and train I had plenty of time to think. In the end I decided to try making spring chicken rolls out of it, and I did, and they turned out quite tasty. They're grilled teriyaki-sauced chicken, stir-fried cabbage, and enoki mushrooms wrapped up in a rice paper wrapper, and they turned out surprisingly tasty for something I just ad-libbed. Go me. Also in the box is a fruit spring roll (with kiwi, mango, and banana) with some ginger chocolate sauce, and a chunk of delicious almond cake I bought at 99 Ranch Market.

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