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Lunch Box 130: Freeform donburi


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Broccoli Oak Sometimes the materials dictate the finished work. A wood sculptor sees certain patterns in wood that suggest a form, and goes with that; a painter may accidentally mix a color that wasn't what he intended but which is even better, and tweaks the rest of the painting to maintain balance. Well, the donburi design was dictated by a single piece of broccoli.

I'd planned to make a donburi (rice with stuff on top) using broccoli, omelet noodles, and stir-fried chicken. When I started placing the broccoli on the rice I found one oddly cut piece with a long stem and a tiny floret on top. That piece bisected the rice perfectly, and suggested a tree. So, I placed more florets around the first to look like a tree, and in the two spaces below I put the chicken and eggs. How about that, I got artsy without even meaning to! But it's not so fancy that I minded destroying it at lunchtime.

And on the side, grapes and another chunk of almond cake. These chunks are actually about one eighth of a single "cupcake" from Ranch 99 Market. They sell big cupcakes.

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