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Lunch Box 133: A triumph of packaging


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Salad in an envelope The invention for the day is a salad spring roll. It's a green salad with ginger dressing wrapped up in rice paper. The rice paper has no real flavor, so there's no conflict there, and I think it's nifty packaging. How else could you eat a salad with your hands?

Also we got obimake enoki; steamed broccoli; fruit salad with strawberries, grapes, and lychees; and a steamed cafeteria roll an pan. That last one was a little experiment. The last time I made cafeteria rolls & an pan I tried steaming a few. The bread, being fluffy and not terribly structurally strong, collapsed a little when I took it out, and it was denser than it would have been if baked. Still pretty good, though.

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