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Lunch Box 139: *What* chips?


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Peas are junk food? Here's another meal that is basically ordinary, but I just had to add in a few exotic touches. The sandwich is a good ol' BLT, but the bread is a steamed cafeteria roll. It's a little denser than a regular cafeteria roll, and lacks the crust. (And, because I forgot to put a paper towel under the lid, water dripped on it and caused the yellowish dent in the center. Oops.) Those pealike things are actually baked snow pea crisps. Rice crackers flavored with peas, baked in the shape of pea pods! The last time I was at Ranch 99 my mother told me how much she liked them, so I bought a bag. They're surprisingly good! I'd recommend them. And finally, a whole mango, thanks to a sale at my grocery store. Its moisture de-crunchified the snow pea crisps a bit by lunchtime, but the lettuce leaf I put under it did keep juice from getting anything soggy.

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