My Lunch Can Beat Up Your Lunch!

Lunch Box 143: Inspired by Wendy's


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We have you surrounded. Come out with your tomatoes up. My mother has been telling me how good the new frescata sandwiches are at Wendy's, so the last time I ate with her I got one. I was expecting a basic club sandwich on a bun, and was surprised and impressed by the bread. So I did some online research, found out that the bread is called "focaccia" (said "foe-kah-chee-yah" - gosh, I wonder why Wendy's didn't call it that in their ads?) and that it's actually quite easy to make. So I tried it, and, yep, it's easy and great tasting! Hence the roast beef sandwich on focaccia bread.

And with that are some snow pea crisps and chocolate dipped strawberries. When you have a third of a box of strawberries you have to use up, and you find some chocolate melts, magical things happen.

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