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Lunch Box 145: Leftovers R Us


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This, that, and the other Here's an eclectic festival of leftovers. First there are some egg noodles. I just boiled them, then mixed in some fillings I'd stir-fried yakiudon-style. They include: carrots, cabbage, shiitake mushrooms, bamboo, scallions, and squid. Yep, squid! It's a lot better than jellyfish, let me tell you.

Next up, some steamed pork gyoza. I was too lazy to make proper gyoza filling for them, so I instead made up a batch of the filling you'd normally use for steamed pork buns. I was pleased with the result, and in fact it's flavorful enough that I didn't need dipping sauce.

The veggie side includes and steamed yellow squash and baked sweet potato. And for fruit I have mango and longans (the longans are stuffed with mango olive-style, creating a nice blend of flavors) and tamarinds. The tamarinds, which I shelled before packing this time, are in the upper right corner of the left box, and don't they look unpleasant? They look even worse in person, but they are still tasty. Trust me.

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