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Lunch Box 150: It's a fruit! It's a bun!


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Bread, beautiful bread Today I have beef & broccoli stir-fry with lo mein noodles - in separate compartments, but mixed together when I ate them - edamame, and orange segments. The real star, however, is the melon pan (melon bread) in the separate container.

I've been wanting to make melon bread, but all the recipes I've found for it either have directions that make no sense to me, measurements in grams (I don't have a kichen scale), ingredients like "hard flour," (which, I suppose, is bread flour, but I'm not sure), or other obstacles. So, I thought, why not backwards engineer it? Melon bread is basically a bun with a thin cookielike outer coating. So I made a batch using cafeteria roll dough covered with Pillsbury sugar cookie dough. The result was much less dense than the melon pan I've bought from bakeries, because cafeteria rolls are quite light and fluffy, but other than that it looked and tasted just right to me. So, my melon pan may be totally inauthentic, but I'm satisfied!

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