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Lunch Box 153: How very decorative


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Sushi sammitches I got in the mood to cook one day - "I better use all this stuff in the fridge it before it turns to the dark side" - and this was the result. On the left there's a storebought steamed pork & veggie bun, obimake enoki, skewered stir-fried teriyaki tofu, and smoked salmon sushi "sandwiches". On the right, strawberries and lychees, tamarind, and 3/4 of a sesame rice cookie.

The cookie is really cool. The rice is all puffed up like a rice cake, crunchy as opposed to chewy, and there's something chewy and sweet sticking the sesame seeds to the cookie. I need to find the brand name so I can recommend this. It was just bigger than the compartment, so I had to cut it. The inside looked like a packing peanut.

I recently introduced my mother to tamarinds. She thought the same thing I did when she saw the seed pods, and had some things to say that I won't repeat here when I broke it open and showed her the pulp inside. (I can't blame her, as I thought the very same things.) And, like me, she was surprised and pleased when she tasted them. Isn't this a bit of a reversal, a daughter getting her mother to eat new foods? "It's good, trust me! Just try it!"

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