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Lunch Box 156: Bacon!


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Lookit all this stuff! Lately I've been packing a lot of Japanese-style "all sorts of stuff" bentos. That's the happy result of cooking a whole lot of stuff in one evening, refrigerating or freezing the results, and then supplementing it with this and that during the week. Can you tell that I recently lucked into a sale on enoki mushrooms?

Today I have smoked salmon sushi, bacon sushi, obimake enoki, steamed broccoli, tamarind, bin-bin rice crackers, apple, kiwi fruit, oranges, and lychees. Yummy.

The bacon sushi is one of my odd ideas; I can't dodge the blame by claiming I found it somewhere else. I've wrapped these with nori to hold the bacon onto the rice. Because bacon is firmer than usual sushi toppings it takes a little finesse to eat these. I found it works best to bite up rather than down, to use the lower incisors to cut with rather than the upper ones. I hope that makes sense.

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