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Lunch Box 160: Kiddie tray?


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BLUE Usually I eschew cutesy stuff. It just doesn't appeal to me. Bit I can be persuaded to make exceptions. For example, when I played Final Fantasy 9 I quickly succumbed to Vivi's adorableness. And when I saw this bento box, I had to get it. No, not because of the "Pooky" lid! I don't even know what a "Pooky" is. It's just that this box was reasonably priced, microwave safe, holds an adult-sized amount of food, and check out the removable cup in the bottom right - perfect for the little non-microwave things I like to pack! And if I Photoshopped the lid, I could make it into something I like much more. OK, it was because of the lid, a little.

Um. Anyway, here we have some stir-fried teriyaki tofu, a few slices of baked Japanese sweet potato, some rolled omelet, and big ol' helpings of steamed green beans and fruit salad with strawberries, kiwi fruit, and longans. It may not look like there's much food here because of the small sections, BTW, but they are deeper than they appear.

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