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Lunch Box 165: Calimaritini, make it a double


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Again with the invertebrates! Today's bit of specialness is the vegetable noodles with squid seafood stir-fry mixed in. I'd just come home with a haul of groceries from 99 Ranch Market, one part of which was a half pound of cleaned baby squid. Hooray for not having to clean the stuff! (Boo, as it turns out, for still having to remove some cartilaginous support struts, but whatever. Better that than guts.) Basically I cut up some cabbage and snow peas, soaked some shiitake bits, cut up a pair of baby squid, stir-fried all that with a dash of sesame oil, then served it with a dash of soy sauce over the vegetable noodles. Quite tasty! Squid, by the way, is not weird in taste or texture when you cook it. You just have to be careful not to overcook it, or it will get tough. If you look close, BTW, you can see the rings of the head and some curly tentacles sticking out at various angles.

And then there's steamed broccoli, a pair of nori-wrapped onigiri, and some tamarind.

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