My Lunch Can Beat Up Your Lunch!

Lunch Box 169: Delayed gratification


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How could you leave me like this? I'd planned to eat this lunch on Tuesday, but then a coworker offered to take me out to Jason's Deli, which has a totally rockin' salad bar. I couldn't pass that up! So, this poor lunch waited patiently in the office fridge until Wednesday.

Here we have a storebought steamed pork & veggie bun, a boiled egg, some steamed Japanese sweet potato, steamed broccoli, tamarind, storebought red bean mochi, and a fruit salad featuring apple, strawberry, and kiwi fruit.

I steamed the sweet potato because most of the non-tiny ones I'd bought in that batch had been dry and a bit tough. Guessing that steaming them might alleviate those problems, I cut them into coins and did just that. It did solve the dryness problem, but the centers were still tough. Ah well, I could eat around that part. Anyone have any suggestions on how to select the best Japanese sweet potatoes?

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