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Lunch Box 173: You don't know Jackfruit


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Pink like pork Continuing yesterday's theme of cleaning out the fridge, here's a lunch featuring stir-fried jackfruit and fish. I have been going through the canned food aisle of 99 Ranch Market, trying out new fruits like rambutan and lychee, which I subsequently add to my "yummy stuff" list. However, when I opened the can of jackfruit I found out that it was not fruitlike at all. Rather, it seemed like a relative of the artichoke, specifically the stem and inner leaves. Not inedible, but bland and, well, blah. Searching the web yielded a lot of curry recipes and nothing I wanted to try. So I went with the principle that jackfruit absorbs other flavors, removed the tough cores, cut the chunks up thin, pressed them between paper towels to dry them out a little and promote the absorption of other juices, then stir-fried them over medium heat with some fish - cod, because that's what I had on hand - in butter and olive oil. The result was not fantastic - could have used some other spices, I think - but not bad this once. I'm not posting a recipe page because I don't think this really deserves one. However, if under some strange circumstances you find yourself in possession of a can of jackfruit, there are worse ways to put it to use.

On the side we have the usual: baked sweet potato, steamed broccoli, and strawberries. But this time they're chocolate dipped strawberries! Oh, yeahhh.

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