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Lunch Box 175: Mutant buns


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Picnicky Sometimes I just have to laugh. Food doesn't always come out the way you want it, and baking can be particularly tricky. In this case, I was trying to make steamed buns with beef filling. The dough was for white mountain bread, which I have successfully steamed before. However, this time around things got out of hand. The dough rose much more than I expected, causing all the buns to halfway fuse together, and some of them collapsed over the meat filling. And they stuck to the steamer, despite my having greased it.  The upshot of this was that I ended up with a batch of raggedy, homely steamed beef buns that still tasted great. I call these baking mishaps "Igors." In the photo you can see a pair of buns - well, one; the other's hiding underneath - that look more like pillows than the desired smooth spheres.

Also here we have some baked sweet potato cut like steak fries, edamame, another sanshoku dango (the white one from the previous lunch's set), and a peach. I can't believe this is the first time I've packed a peach with my lunch. I mean, I live in Georgia, the peach state! And yet I've been packing apples like a New Yorker.

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