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Lunch Box 178: More fried food


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British fish, Korean cake, French fries... what nationality is broccoli? I was on a roll over the holiday, and made another deep-fried dish that I normally don't indulge myself with: tempura. But, hey, if I'm going to make a mess of my kitchen with fish & chips, why not go whole hog? By the time I was done with all this cooking, my kitchen needed nothing short of a blast from a fire hose filled with soapy water.

Ahem. Anyway, here we have tendon, which is a donburi made of tempura over rice, with a little pig container of tempura dipping sauce. (This time around I tempura-ized shrimp, sweet potato, zucchini, shiitake mushrooms, and squid.) Off to the side is some more steamed broccoli, and another piece of Bánh in sâu riêng (durian cake).

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