My Lunch Can Beat Up Your Lunch!

Lunch Box 179: Decadent deliciousness


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I love this food enough to marry it. This lunch is an extension of one of my favorite dinners: steamed artichoke and snow crab with melted lemon butter. Not only do I adore snow crab and artichoke, I would eat my own head with melted butter. Well, this time around I deliberately made more than I would eat in one meal, so here we have a box with steamed artichoke heart, snow crab claws and leg meat, baked Japanese sweet potato, kiwi fruit, longans, and piņa colada flavored chocolate. I included the chocolate because, well, this is a decadently delicious meal, and you can't have true decadence without chocolate. You've seen the "whack & unwrap" chocolate oranges? This is like that, down to the pieces being shaped like orange wedges , except that it's flavored like piņa colada instead.

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