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Lunch Box 182: All this and no raw fish?


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Suuuushi! It's been too long since I've had a good helping of rice in my bento, and also too long since I've made sushi. So, here we go!

I actually made the sushi with sushi rice as opposed to plain ol' unflavored rice. I use about half the recipe states, though; I don't like vinegar to compete with the other flavors. Up top we have crab & cucumber sushi with some added egg. (Actually, I was trying to make futomaki, but I didn't use long enough nori sheets for that. I'll try again.) Then we have smoked salmon sushi, rice blocks topped with rolled omelet (you could call it tamago sushi, but I want to cook the egg properly before calling it that), and four tuna & mayonnaise maki. On the other side, edamame, apple slices, and longans.

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