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Lunch Box 184: Squid kebabs


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Squiddly Diddly has met his maker I wanted to cook some squid, but I didn't have a lot of ideas. Stir-fry with veggies and noodles? Tasty, but I've been doing a lot of that lately. On rice? Hmm... maybe later, I just did sushi. Squid kebabs? Hey, that's just silly enough to work. So, I skewered inch-square slices of squid tube with mushroom halves, slathered them with melted butter, grilled them, and they came out tender and delicious. The secret to cooking squid, it seems, is not to overcook. (And don't microwave it, whatever you do! It turns to plastic!)

That's on the top layer. Underneath, we have baked Japanese sweet potato, steamed broccoli, baked plantain, and a sanshoku dango. (There were a lot of 'em in that one container!)

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