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Lunch Box 185: Theme and variations


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Unintentional pattern When I packed this, I was in the mood for steamed broccoli, baked Japanese sweet potato, steamed pork gyoza, tamarind, kiwi fruit, longans, and banana. And that's exactly what I packed.

The gyoza look vacuformed, don't they? They sometimes turn out that way when I steam them. I don't plan it; it just happens. By the way, I put those gyoza together some weeks ago, then froze them uncooked. When I was in the mood for them I just thawed and steamed them.

This lunch would, I think, please my college art instructors. It's got a nice rhythm thing going on, with each side divided into a top third and bottom two-thirds, the slices of kiwi and the round longans both echoing the shapes of the cut potatoes, the arches of the tamarinds echoing the round edges of the gyoza, the different shades of green and brown drawing your eye gently from one side to the other, with the light areas providing stability... I tell you, lunches like this are the stuff of Composition 101 classes.

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