My Lunch Can Beat Up Your Lunch!

Lunch Box 186: Piet Mondrian was here


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If only my silverware drawer was this organized. Wow. This is one regimented, organized lunch, isn't it. Not a thing out of place. The steamed broccoli and baked plantain look a little put-upon for having to share a compartment, though.

The new thing with this lunch is the squid sushi. This isn't the squid sushi you'll get at a sushi place; that stuff is raw, and mine is cooked. (You can't eat just any ol' frozen seafood raw!) Also, it doesn't have a tiny dab of wasabi sneakily hidden under the squid meat to wreck the flavor partway through. I did drip a little ginger juice from my bottle of pickled ginger onto the rice block before adding the squid, and that gave it a nice bit of flavor. As for the rest, there's some more steamed pork gyoza, a boiled egg, and a the last of the sanshoku dango.

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