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Lunch Box 187: Creepily cute


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Charlotte?! I've sneered at cuteness in bento lunches. I have had my lapses in the past, but I recovered quickly enough. Therefore, I wish to make it perfectly clear that this lunch is not cute! It's creepy! Okay?

Ahem. Here we have a hot dog spider on a bed of rice decorated with a kizami nori spiderweb. The legs are separate from the body, and the eyes are sesame seeds. Man, was this fiddly to make! how do you people who stick nori faces on everything do it without going mad?

Then we have the seemingly-everpresent baked Japanese sweet potato and steamed broccoli, plus half a braeburn apple cut into slices and sorta-kind arranged prettily, except for one triangular piece that just didn't want to cooperate.

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