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Lunch Box 188: Le bento


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Ganging up on the bread The last time I baked French bread I made a few little tiny baguettes. When I visited France years ago I remember how prevalent those were, how I had 'em for breakfast, and seeing people at lunchtime sitting on park benches, reading a paper and eating a baguette for lunch. So, why not? It looks like this loaf has been sliced open, but that's just a shallow cut to allow for oven spring. Hiding among the steamed broccoli is a little container with butter for the bread. Up top is some Spam musubi (which I added when I realized that I was about to leave out the protein), and some apple slices.

By the way, the baguette came first. After that I decided on the other items because they are moist but not wet. They'd raise the humidity in the sealed box, softening the bread crust. Crunchy French bread is good, but a desk covered by crust fragments isn't!

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