My Lunch Can Beat Up Your Lunch!

Lunch Box 189: Golden brown


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Not much color variation Huh. I planned a meal with a variety of different tastes, and after packing it I realized that almost everything was the same color. So much for aesthetics!

Roughly from left to right, we have takoyaki (the things that look like Tater Tots), edamame, fried green tomatoes (the triangular things) with tartar sauce (in the blue container), baked Japanese sweet potato (the small round whitish thing) and melon pan (cut in halves, in the cupcake paper.)

The tomatoes, by the way, were grown by a coworker who has a small tomato garden. If you've grown tomatoes, you know how aggressively productive those things can be when they get going. She brought a big bag of green tomatoes into the office and told us all to take as many as we wanted, please please please. I couldn't refuse to aid her in her plight, could I?

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