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Lunch Box 192: Big sushi


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Messy beans I tried to make futomaki - great big fat sushi rolls - for this lunch. However, I misjudged the amount of nori I'd need, and used one full sheet for the roll.  It didn't turn out quite big enough to be futomaki, but I did get avocado, shiitake mushrooms, crab, egg, and cucumber in there. Next time I'll use a sheet and a half of nori and really go to town! For now, I'll call these things free-form maki.

For me, edamame goes with sushi. I was first introduced to edamame when two friends of mine took me to the Happy Sumo sushi bar.  I was mystified by the piles of fuzzy bean pods on plates, and they told me what they were and showed me how to eat them.  It first I couldn't believe that those ordinary things were the infamous soybeans from which tofu and soy sauce and miso and a million other things are made.

And finally, more fried green tomatoes, a container with tartar sauce, and an an manjuu.

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