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Lunch Box 194: Rice rice baby


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Rice, wheat, rice, wheat My grade school lunch room had posters of food pyramids showing that you needed to eat lots and lots of grains. It was the bottom-most, biggest layer, implying that it was the foundation and sine qua non of a healthy diet. Dunno how true that is, considering how nutrition requirements apparently change from generation to generation, but the paradigm does seem to have stuck with me. You don't see all of it here; I bake bread every weekend or two, and make sandwiches, toast, garlic bread, and so on when I'm off-camera.

Anyway, here we have a box full of rice and wheat. In the rice corner we have Philadelphia rolls, which are sushi stuffed with cream cheese, cucumber, and smoked salmon, and which are often rolled inside-out because some Americans prefer to bite into rice than seaweed. There's also some avocado maki, and finally a red bean mochi. The wheat department is represented by the lo mein noodles in a yakiudon-like seafood & veggie stir-fry, and an an manjuu.

Sure, there's some veggies and protein and dairy hiding in this lunch, if you look real hard. But today's nutrition pyramid is definitely short and squat.

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