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Lunch Box 200: Wasabi or ketchup?


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Weird but tasty For my 200th box I wanted to post something unique, something that would set the lunch-eating world ablaze with talk of my creative genius. And so I give you... hot dog maki. Yes, the perfect blend of Eastern and Western cuisine, beating even the venerable Spam musubi.

Stop looking at me that way. It's hot dog sushi! C'mon, you know you want to try it.

We also have steamed broccoli and several mini fruit spring rolls with chocolate dipping sauce. They're mini rolls because I was out of the large, dinner-plate-sized ones, so I used some that were about 6" in diameter. The fruit filling for these includes orange (cut in half to make two thin wedges for each segment, skin removed), golden kiwi fruit, and strawberries. These miniature ones are easier to eat, by the way, because they're less inclined to fall apart when you're halfway done.

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