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Lunch Box 203: Snakefish


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Fishie fishie fishie fish Once again I assert my hardcoreness in the English-speaking bento community. Today I have unagi no kabayaki, which is grilled eel on rice. It isn't as weird as it sounds - eel is a kind of fish, after all, and I cooked it the way most Japanese do: I bought it precooked and just baked it a little. And we have simmered taro root, which is somewhat potato-like, but different enough in flavor and texture to be worth it. And there's some shelled edamame, which the package said to microwave on high for 2-3 minutes. I did that, and they turned out... well, overdone and hard, as if they were trying to be peanuts. 1 minute on 50%, however, cooked 'em perfectly. And finally, there's some an pan made with cafeteria roll dough.

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