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Lunch Box 204: Another jumble


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Staaarch A little of this, a little of that, there's how we deal with leftovers. Here's some shrimp fried rice made with egg, carrots, shiitake mushroons, peas, and whole cocktail shrimp. Some shelled edamame, this time microwaved at half power for one minute, which cooked them just right. There's half a baked plantain served inside its peel, some simmered taro roots, and a wrapped-up mini-melon pan.

Like bananas and other starchy foods, plantains can get ugly and discolored if exposed to air for too long. I hit on packing it in its own peel as a way both to preserve the color and to keep its sweetness from clashing with nearby items. It worked nicely. To serve it in its own peel, separate the fruit entirely from the peel, cut it into coins, then wrap it back in the peel. Leave as little of a gap exposed as possible to avoid discoloration.

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