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Lunch Box 209: Pastel steampunk


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How very pastel. I'm back from Dragon*Con. Did you miss me?

My triumphant return to the Web consists of chirashi-zushi, fruit salad, and fresh lychees. The chirashi-zushi ("scattered sushi," which is served in a bowl or other container rather than being shaped into discrete bits) is a small tribute to the comic "Girl Genius," with cucumber coins cut into cogs and sliced shiitake shaped sorta-kinda into a trilobite.

On the right, another fruit salad (made with apple, mango, and grapes) and lychees. It looks kind of like a Muppety face. Seems like most of my fruit salads end up that way. Note that the eyes are made of fresh lychees, as opposed to the canned ones I usually pack. The rinds are just outside the eyes, and looking at them one can see why people often call lychees nuts when they're actually fruit. I included the pits because they make cool eyes, but be careful with lychee seeds - they are not edible, and may even be harmful if ingested.  Pit 'em if you're packing them in kids' lunches!

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