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Lunch Box 214: Dice Rice Baby


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No, I'm not going to do a D20 next. Onigiri time! For this lunch I made several onigiri stuffed with tuna & mayonnaise. One is the traditional triangle shape, another was made in my flower-shaped rice mold, and the third was a goofy idea I had on the spur of the moment. People decorate rice with nori shapes, and though I can't cut out those fancy little designs I can make dice pips! So, I shaped a rice cube and stuck on nori squares representing spots. (Ambitious AD&D players are invited to take this idea further. You know what I'm talking about.)

There's also some edamame, and on the other side tamarinds (the icky-looking but, trust me, very tasty stuff up top) and a fruit salad made with peach, grapes, golden kiwi fruit, and canned palm hearts. The last of those is a goodie I picked up in, you guessed it, 99 Ranch Market.* "Palm hearts? What're those? They're packed in syrup, so that must mean they're sweet, and they look cool." They resemble unflavored agar jelly or Jell-O, and taste much like pear.

* I mention 99 Ranch Market so much, you'd think I was getting paid for it. Hmm... wonder if they'd be interested in placing a banner ad?

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