My Lunch Can Beat Up Your Lunch!

Lunch Box 215: Little Dot would approve


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Round things of all sizes I'd had a late night, with a long cast meeting, so I just didn't have time for a lot of cooking. Fortunately, I had one of 99 Ranch Market's pork buns on hand! Plus a tuna & mayo-stuffed onigiri that I didn't use for the previous lunch, some shelled edamame, and a pair of fresh lychees.

When I started typing this up, I realized that every item was, more or less, circular. Round bun, spherical onigiri, near-spherical lychees... OK, the edamame are bean-shaped, but that's not really that far from a circle, is it? And, before it got mooshed out of shape by the onigiri, the cupcake cup was circular. If Little Dot (one of Harvey Comics' characters; her schtick was that she was obsessed with dots) packed bento lunches, they'd turn out like this.

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