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Lunch Box 219: Chibification gone wrong


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I will call them mini-okonomiyaki. I originally got the idea of making okonomiyaki after reading Ranma 1/2. Well, in one of the more recent issues Ukyou (the character whose schtick is cooking okonomiyaki) acquired an assistant who kept botching up the recipe due to stinginess. Thinning out the batter, not enough toppings, et cetera. But one of his variants was actually a hit: tiny okonomiyaki that only had one topping. Hmm, why not try to make something like that? I chopped up the cabbage into one-inch strips to make it easier to pour, and made chibi okonomiyaki.  They didn't end up "silver dollar" size - I'd need to cut the cabbage much finer than I did. But, still, these came out kind of cool. Next time I'll top them with jumbo shrimp so they really will only need one topping.

And with this are steamed taro with okonomiyaki sauce; steamed broccoli with Spanish cheese; tamarinds; a fruit salad made with kiwi fruit, mango and canned palm hearts; and coconut mochi.

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