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Lunch Box 220: Brown-bagged rice


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Clearing the fridge of leftovers Today's experiment is inari-zushi, fried tofu stuffed with sushi rice. You can buy the tofu frozen or canned; I used frozen. It's actually somewhat pita-ish, not because it's actually breadlike, but because when you cut it in half it opens up into a bag, which you can stuff with, well, stuff. So, I made a few of these, and they were okay. I'm not impressed with the tofu I bought. I'll be looking for a better brand.

Then there's some rolled omelet, steamed broccoli, seasoned shiitake mushrooms (left over from a batch of chirashi-zushi), a little okonomiyaki, some avocado maki, a pair of fresh lychees, and half a storebought an pan.

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