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Lunch Box 226: Pita-pizza.


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Personal pan pita The pita pizza in today's lunch was based on a comment by a coworker. I told her I'd gotten some pita bread, and she remarked that she used to make pizzas using pita bread. Huh? But you can make French bread pizzas, why not pita? So I gave it a try, improvising a little, and they turned out quite good. I used sliced olives, mushrooms, and turkey pepperoni as toppings. Filling out the rest of the box are takoyaki, shelled edamame, and coconut mochi.

I found out this past weekend that the pita bread I bought was not a regular item at Kroger. When that sale's done, it looks like they won't stock more. Well, poop. I'm gonna have to find me a recipe then.

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