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Lunch Box 229: Some kinda roll


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Personal pan pita Y'ever bite into a shrimp egg roll and get no shrimp? Don't you hate that? I know I do. Man, it wrecks my day. I was in the mood to tackle this issue... but not to heat up oil for deep-frying, so instead I made shrimp & cabbage spring rolls with the same filling I'd use for egg rolls. And since spring roll wrappers are transparent - sort of - you can see what's inside. I put the shrimp on the outside to display the undeniable proof that every bite will contain shrimp! (They're the orangey things that, unfortunately, you can't see too well in the photo.) I didn't have any of the mustard that I usually eat with egg rolls, and I'm not so sure it'd go as well with the spring roll format anyhow. I tried some tempura sauce, and that went well enough, so that's what's in the little pink bottle.

With this is some steamed broccoli and steamed carrots, and in a little lettuce "bowl" a few apple slices and rambutans.

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