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Lunch Box 230: Steampunk, take 2


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Gyro Gearloose Today's lunch features steampunk futomaki and steamed yellow squash. The futomaki - big fat sushi rolls with lots of fillings - and steamed squash are supposed to look like gears, although you have to squint to tell. What the heck, it was late when I made this, my nerves were frayed from a children's birthday party I'd just attended, and it's the thought that counts, right? I swear I'll get it right one day. At least the crab meat pistons are a step in the right direction.

The futomaki contain cucumber, artificial crab, shiitake mushrooms, omelet strips, and salmon roe. Mmm. On the other side are banana coins, rambutans, and almond cake. I considered cutting the bananas into gears as well, but I decided that I'd rather get a little sleep that night instead.

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