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Lunch Box 233: Eatin' green


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Mighty green Today's intensely green lunch contains seafood yakisoba made with yomogi soba. That's soba noodles with mugwort. Mmm-mmm, sounds delicious, doesn't it? Well, it is tastier than the name would imply. Yomogi soba has its own taste, which is a pleasant change from the usual soak-up-the-surrounding-flavors noodliness of, er, noodles. Adding to the greenness is the cabbage I stir-fried with it - outer leaves, which are the greenest - and the everpresent steamed broccoli. I also have simmered shiitake mushrooms, rice, rambutans, and honeycrisp apple slices. Honeycrisps are a good combination of sweet and tart, by the way. I'd say they're somewhere in between braeburns and granny smiths.

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