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Lunch Box 236: The end of the week


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This and that It's the end of the week, and that means it's time to use up the various little leftovers I've accumulated over the week. I've packed, clockwise from noon, a pair of crab & cucumber sushi, some Nutella-filled manjuu, steamed broccoli, steamed carrots, simmered shiitake mushrooms, a pair of nori-belted onigiri with umeboshi mixed into the rice, and a boiled egg. Hmm, not bad for a pile of leftovers. And once again I've packed a relentlessly symmetrical lunch without realizing it until afterwards.

In the closeup the egg looks weird. That's because when I took it out of the fridge to peel it, it was frozen. My refrigerator occasionally gets colder than normal, but only in certain regions; I might find only my lettuce frozen, or only the back half of a dozen eggs. I warmed the egg up a little by submerging it in warm water for a while, but it still had that rough surface. And the white was tough and rubbery, so I can't recommend it.

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