My Lunch Can Beat Up Your Lunch!

Lunch Box 241: Halloweenie


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Stay in your own compartment! This lunch features a jumbo hot dog octopus, which is your basic hot dog octopus, but made with a whole hot dog as opposed to one cut into halves or thirds. It appears to be hungry for the steamed broccoli and edamame, yet it's completely ignoring the rice in its own compartment. Go figure.

Today's dessert is pumpkin melon pan. Regular melon pan is a bun with a cracked cookielike covering. This is a bun with a cracked covering made of pumpkin pie filling! Actually, that wasn't what I intended to make when I went into the kitchen. I wanted buns filled with the filling on the inside, like an pan. However, the pumpkin pie filling was too liquidy and I couldn't get it to stay inside the buns. It always leaked out, making a mess. Halfway through I gave up and just made regular cafeteria rolls, intending to use some of the filling to glaze them. And then I piled on more, thinking that maybe I could just turn my original plan inside out, with the filling on the outside and the bread on the inside. And lo and behold, I invented pumpkin pan! If only I had some whipped cream to blob on top.

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