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Lunch Box 242: Halloween, Part 2


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Spooky cookin' I love Halloween. So, of course I'm gonna dress up my lunch! I started out with candy-corn-shaped onigiri. The rice is colored with plain ol' food coloring, molded in triangle onigiri molds, and then reshaped a little by hand to give them the right elongated shape. Then there's some baked sweet potato coins with a nori Jack-o-lantern face. It's surrounded by steamed broccoli foliage and enoki toadstools. Up above is an attempt at an pan stuffed with pumpkin pie filling, which (as I mentioned before) didn't come out well. Since I call such baking mishaps "Igors," which fits the theme perfectly, I went ahead and packed one. (They taste fine, they're just homely as all get out.) It's being invaded by gummi worms. And finally, there are some tamarinds. I am consciously refraining from making any remarks concerning black cats, and if you have no idea why, consider yourself lucky!

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