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Lunch Box 246: Fish & rice


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Rice & rice paper Today's lunch starts with salmon saka-mushi - yes, again! - and continues with rice with egg furikake, a green salad spring roll with ginger dressing as dipping sauce, and a fruit spring roll.

The salad egg roll looks kind of like a squid, doesn't it? Those tentacley things sticking out of the end are enoki mushrooms. Enoki mushrooms just seem to belong in spring rolls, I guess because of their long, thin stems. The fruit roll was a bit of a bust this time around, unfortunately. I used canned guava, fresh mango, an orange segment, and a thin line of sliced crystallized ginger. All that wet fruit soaked through the spring roll, weakening it, so it tore apart when I tried to pick it up. Oh well, one more thing to eat with chopsticks. I'll blot the wet stuff next time. By the way, the crystallized ginger was a good addition, but use thin slices if you try it, as a little of that stuff goes a long way!

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