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Lunch Box 249: Warm colors


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I love my tiny grill Today's lunch starts with some okonomiyaki flavored with shiitake mushrooms. The last time I soaked shiitake I reserved the water, and used it here instead of dashi soup stock. The result was, obviously, shiitake-flavored okonomiyaki. The toppings are seafood medley - mostly octopus, but there's squid and shrimp and crab sticks in there too. Then there's some more roasted potatoes (including another purple one - it really is that dark), some obimake enoki, and a pair of hot dog octopi. On the other side is some almond cake and a fruit salad with mango & guava & persimmon. The persimmon is the orange bits. I used a vegetable peeler to slice off thin curls - that's how firm those fruits are.

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