My Lunch Can Beat Up Your Lunch!

Lunch Box 251: Kiss my lunch


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Fries in hiding I have a dentist's appointment during my lunchtime, so I packed a lunch I could eat quickly afterwards, possibly while working. Stoopid non-self-cleaning teeth. So, here I have a hot dog sandwich on on French bread, some baked steak fries made from fingerling potato medley - see the purple fries? - and graham crackers. You can barely see the ketchup packets hiding behind the fries.

That's a weird-shaped bread slice, ne? Kind of like a Hershey kiss. I must have had a slightly high flour-to-water ratio for that baking, because the dough ended up, well, compact. The bread didn't rise as much as normal and thus is rather dense, but it tastes same as normal. Because it was a little dry it didn't roll up as well as usual, hence the flyaway edge.

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