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Lunch Box 258: Pre-Thanksgiving


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How to make a little tart look huge I was not in the mood to cook last night. Not the kind of cooking that involves a lot of cutting and peeling and stirring and, above all, waiting for the stuff to be ready to eat. Plus, with Thanksgiving coming up, I need to be making space in my fridge for leftovers, not creating more. Fortunately, shrimp fried rice is perfect for such occasions, provided you have some leftover rice on hand. Since I had a lot of shiitake-flavored rice, I just cut up some carrots and scallions, defrosted some shrimp, threw in some frozen peas, sliced up a quickie one-egg omelet, and threw it all into a deep pan. Stir and sling in soy sauce, and you've got dinner in minutes, with just enough leftovers for tomorrow's lunch!

I did cook the pumpkin pie tart last night, but that hardly counts in terms of effort. The shells were frozen, and I'd made the filling earlier. I just set out the shells, filled 'em, then kept an eye on the oven. In the little bento box the pie looks huge, but keep in mind that it's not very deep. It also looks strangely colored, which reflects more the less-than-ideal lighting in my kitchen rather than the color of the pie itself.

Edamame is great for filling in corners and spaces.

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